Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So Enough is ENOUGH!!

So 2009 ... I'm sick and tired of looking at blah-nothingness in the mirror every morning! There are so many amazing examples of men's six packs out there.

Craig Horner (pictured above).

Stuart Pilkington.

Are two of my favourites! So I am now 32 and I am tired of ambling through year after year whinging and moaning that I don't like my stomach. 2010 is going to be my best effort and attempt to DO THIS!

My strategy - I know I'm not very good at lots of complex exercises and being committed to that. I hate and despise the legalism of Sovereign Grace Ministries and their "spiritual disciplines" - that's no secret. But I also know that I do have an addictive personality and so if I can just get into a routine with achievable goals then I will stick to it. So here's what I am going to to DO!

1. Two weekly abs pictures.

It's always better to see it on screen rather than in the mirror. That way I will be accountable to myself for my progress or lack of it.

2. Daily morning Slendertone sessions on bus to work.

I use the Slendertone abs belt and there is no excuse for not using it while sitting on the bus going into work!

3. Daily evening Tripollar sessions at home.

I use the Tripollar Pose which I've had for a while - but too sporadically. It's enjoyable so why not use it every night?!

4. GYM!

I am a member of L A Fitness in Birmingham City Centre and need to jolly well go and use the equipment there! Particularly cardiovascular equipment to keep slim and keep the body fat off.

So I hope for this to become a daily blog - recording what I have done to improve my abs and also recording the fortnightly progress photos. Here's the first;

NOT pretty! (P.S: it's red and sore because I've just tri-pollared) But it's the start that counts. Here's believing that this time next year I will look more like the gentlemen above!

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