Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday 31st December 2009

Well to celebrate the end of a crappy year - today I did:

4 x 30 minute Slendertone abs sessions (ow!)

1 x 30 minute Tripollar session.

Fat begone - you are SO 2009!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thursday 31st December 2009

Well the end of 2009 - thank goodness!

An up and down year for fitness but the highlight of course was surviving the Birmingham Half Marathon in October. So proof that it can be done!

As for yesterday's plan:

2 x 30 minute Slendertone sessions.

1 x 30 minute Tripollar session.

Don't know about visual progress necessarily but I can say that my abs are aching!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wednesday 30th December 2009

So Day 1 of the six-pack plan. Ever noticed how it is harder to get motivated about fitness when the weather is absolutely vile!? Got to keep thinking of that summer holiday in Gran Canaria or Australia or Florida or somewhere (wherever the location is this year!).

So yesterday:

2 x 30 minute sessions of Slendertone abs on the bus on way to work.

1 x 30 minute Tripollar session.

So Enough is ENOUGH!!

So 2009 ... I'm sick and tired of looking at blah-nothingness in the mirror every morning! There are so many amazing examples of men's six packs out there.

Craig Horner (pictured above).

Stuart Pilkington.

Are two of my favourites! So I am now 32 and I am tired of ambling through year after year whinging and moaning that I don't like my stomach. 2010 is going to be my best effort and attempt to DO THIS!

My strategy - I know I'm not very good at lots of complex exercises and being committed to that. I hate and despise the legalism of Sovereign Grace Ministries and their "spiritual disciplines" - that's no secret. But I also know that I do have an addictive personality and so if I can just get into a routine with achievable goals then I will stick to it. So here's what I am going to to DO!

1. Two weekly abs pictures.

It's always better to see it on screen rather than in the mirror. That way I will be accountable to myself for my progress or lack of it.

2. Daily morning Slendertone sessions on bus to work.

I use the Slendertone abs belt and there is no excuse for not using it while sitting on the bus going into work!

3. Daily evening Tripollar sessions at home.

I use the Tripollar Pose which I've had for a while - but too sporadically. It's enjoyable so why not use it every night?!

4. GYM!

I am a member of L A Fitness in Birmingham City Centre and need to jolly well go and use the equipment there! Particularly cardiovascular equipment to keep slim and keep the body fat off.

So I hope for this to become a daily blog - recording what I have done to improve my abs and also recording the fortnightly progress photos. Here's the first;

NOT pretty! (P.S: it's red and sore because I've just tri-pollared) But it's the start that counts. Here's believing that this time next year I will look more like the gentlemen above!