Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grovelling Snivelling Apologies (to me)!!

Have just realised how shockingly I have abandoned this blog and my attempts at goal-setting and order. I'm also seriously ashamed as I've just noticed my mate Nathan and one of my fitness heroes is following me here - pressure! ;-) But hey - never too late for a fresh start and a re-commitment to getting fit! So what's been happening in the approximate year that I've been quiet here?

I've been working with a personal trainer called Mani at my gym (Fitness First in Birmingham city centre) for about seven months. It's been the most tremendous experience and the most hard work possible. I'm taking a short break from working out with him for two reasons;

1. My health isn't great at the moment - keep being sick and excessively tired. The doctors are querying that I've got hepatitis C from an accident at work.

2. Money! He's not a cheap chap - although awesome.

So how's progress?

I've not got the six pack yet but I'm happier with my body now than I've ever been. Still not at the standard of my fitness inspirations like Nathan or Mani or other guys - but it's great having those goals! I've lost quite a bit of weight from the recent illness so I guess my goals are:

A. To have a catch-up session with Mani or a trainer if possible.

B. Put on weight - protein shakes.

C. Running, cardio and weights.

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